Two New Software Launches

In collaboration with the Social Network Research Group, we are pleased to announce the launch of two new social network data collection software tools.

SNAPT was developed by the SNRG and REACH Teams as open-source software under NIH R34MH096884; NSF ARC-0908155 and National Science Foundation Social and Behavioral Sciences award #133848. The software uses intuitive clustering that allows participants to provide third-party reports on the network links of their surrounding community. The project is targeted to Building Community and Capacity Data Intensive Research in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences.

The ODIN (Open Dynamic Interaction Network system) was developed as open-source software under National Science Foundation Social and Behavioral Sciences grant #1338485. This system consists of an Android cellphone application (“ODIN app”) and a central server (“ODIN server”). Together, the ODIN System allows for secure anonymized collection of disaggregated interaction sequences, which are essential to understanding the stochastic relationship between interactions and behavior.

More information on availability and implementation will be forthcoming. At present, both systems are being beta-tested via live implementation in two separate network projects. Check back here for those results.

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