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Group 1: Opioid Addiction Awareness Campaign

Design Team:

Designed by Alejandro Benavente (Animation), Cierra Krason (Pill Animation), Haley Wilke (Interview, Video), Jasmine Meeks (Awareness Postcards), Sarah Clark (Media, Account Executive), and Xavier Rodgers (Posters).

Strategy Brief:

Product/Service: Information. Causes and effects of opioid addiction. Resources (websites, help hotlines, etc). Testimonies/stories Competition. Pharmaceutical companies. Stereotypes. Other awareness campaigns (D.A.R.E., etc.).

Audience: Lincoln-area residents. 15-30 years old. People at risk. Heavy laborers. Students. Family and friends of PWIDs. People who believe in “junkie” stereotypes.

Need or Problem to Be Addressed: Pre-existing stereotypes. Lack of information. Lack of empathy towards PWIDs.

Current View: Unsympathetic, influenced by “junkie” stereotype. “I would never do that”. “It’s their fault”.

What We Want Them to Believe/Know: There is hope. There is help. It’s not a choice.

What Will Make Them Believe This: Testimonials. Facts.

Tone of Advertising: Empathetic, Humane.

Awareness Original Photography

Awareness Posters

Awareness PSA Documentary

Awareness Animation