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Our research in and with Northern Communities has been concerned with overlapping, self-organizing social networks that form around public health, economy, and resource development.

Currently we are working with two Inupiat communities in Alaska. This project aims to prevent rural Alaska Native Youth Suicide and was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. The project began in spring 2015 and will continue into 2017 in Northern Alaska. The Informal Networks in Two Labrador Communities research took place in 2009-2013, and involved interviews with 800 individuals (with funding from the US National Science Foundation).

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Project Details


“Informal Networks in Two Labrador Communities” is funded by the National Science Foundation, Division of Arctic Social Sciences ARC-0908155). PI Kirk Dombrowski (UNL). Co-PIs Bilal Khan and Ric Curtis (CUNY).

The “Developing Effective Proximal Care to Prevent Rural Alaska Native Youth Suicide” is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health R34MH096884


The leader of this work at REACH is Kirk Dombrowski, with help of Patrick Habecker and Robin Gauthier. Collaborators beyond UNL include Project PI Lisa Wexler (UMass Amherst), Joshua Moses (Haverford College), Bilal Khan, Katherine McLean, Sarah Rivera, David Marshall, and Emily Channell (all CUNY).