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Minority Health Disparities Initiative


Linking science, practice, policy, and training to improve the health and well-being of all Nebraska residents.

The Minority Health Disparities Initiative is a University-wide interdisciplinary research initiative funded by the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Tobacco Settlement Funds in Nebraska. The Initiative provides UNL faculty with an infrastructure for conducting innovative research to improve the health status of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations and expand the participation of minorities in health research and education. The objectives of the MHDI are to create a community of like-minded scholars capable of engaging each other in the pursuit of high-level research on minority health and health disparities, to increase the participation of minority scholars at all levels (faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates) in health-related research, and to train the next generation of minority health scholars at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels. You can view our FY2018 annual report here.


More About the Minority Health Disparities Initiative

MHDI works directly with communities to develop collaborative transdisciplinary research teams. Together we build innovative research and intervention projects that address ongoing health issues, from infrastructure needs to rural drug abuse. Our rigorous mixed-methods approach combines social science quantitative research strategies with community-based participatory research to facilitate community relationship building for health disparities researchers who seek to have an impact on the communities that their research serves. Throughout all of our projects, we work to translate transdisciplinary health disparities research into identifiable community impact. To learn more about our projects, please visit the MHDI website for more information: mhdi.unl.edu.



UNL’s Minority Health Disparities Initiative was launched in July, 2012. Our core funding is provided by Tobacco Settlement Funds provided by UNL’s Office of Research and Economic Development. We are currently soliciting internal and external funding to support innovative initiatives driven by our transdisciplinary research community collaborations.


Kim Gocchi Carrasco coordinates and runs the Minority Health Disparities Initiative under the direction of Kirk Dombrowski. Together with our faculty partner, we are building transdisciplinary research alliances between UNL departments, University of Nebraska campuses, and community stakeholders. Find our more about MHDI at our website.

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